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SoundField SPS200 Software Controlled Microphone

Broadcast quality ambisonic microphone for A-format™ recording

ST450 MKII SoundField Portable

Location and studio recording microphone with B-format™ and stereo output

SoundField DSF-B MKII

Digital broadcast system to provide surround, stereo and mono feeds

DSF-2 MKII Microphone system

Digital broadcast microphone system with B-format™ and stereo output

DSF-3 MKII Digital surround processor

Digital ambisonic processor for stereo and surround applications

DSF-1 Microphone system

SoundField DSF-1 Digital performance microphone system.

SoundField SurroundZone2

SoundField SurroundZone2 brings all the SoundField microphone control capabilities together in a single Post-Production plug-in.

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