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Surround Zone Software for Surround

The Surround Zone Plug-in

Surround Zone Software for Surround

The SoundField Surround Zone plug-in brings all the benefits of SoundField Technology to the digital domain. The plug-in is designed to accept the four B-Format signals (W, X, Y & Z) generated by any of the current SoundField microphone models in the range. The unique four capsule array in every SoundField microphone captures three dimensional sound at the same 'central point' thereby eliminating all the time and phase related anomalies created by multiple spaced microphones. Once in the SoundField B-Format domain the point of acoustic origin is defined and all output variations i.e. mono, stereo, M/S, 5.1, 6.1 etc. are derived from this 'central point'. This provides the user with completely phase accurate surround sound and stereo recordings that are backward/forward compatible.

All plug-in features can be utilised either retrospectively in the studio after the recording has taken place or 'live' and provides the user with the most powerful stereo and surround sound recording/post-production package available.

Please visit the Surround Zone page for more information.

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